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In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, Sharecost
is currently operating in a limited capacity only.

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Covid-19 Status


The team at Sharecost has reviewed our operations in regards to the current health situation and have made changes to help keep everyone safe. We aim to limit the risk of virus transmission to both staff and customers by increasing social distancing measures. Here are the changes you need to be aware of:

Store Hours

Our store hours have been reduced in response to staffing shortages.

  • Monday to Friday 7:30 to 5:00
  • Saturday CLOSED
  • Sunday CLOSED


Until further notice, we will be accepting Visa, Master-card, and on-accounts payments ONLY.

Store Operations

If you are displaying symptoms of sickness please do not come in. If you are not aware of what "social distancing" is please review this on-line first, before you come in.

Limited Operations as of March 26th

As of Thursday March 26th onwards only our EXIT GATE will be open to allow drive-in traffic access to our yard.

Access to our yard is currently by appointment only. All customers entering the yard MUST have made an appointment via prior phone conversation with one of our sales-staff.

When you call for your appointment, we will ask for your email address (so you can receive a receipt), a rough time estimate of when you are coming in, and what the color and make of your vehicle is. This will allow us to be ready to help you safely get in and out of our yard.

Customers are not be allowed into our buildings – NO EXCEPTIONS. While in our yard, please stay inside your vehicle while you are being loaded by our staff.

Please DO NOT show up unannounced to our yard as you will NOT be able to talk to anyone on site and will NOT receive service. No exceptions!

Getting in Touch with Us

We would prefer for you to contact us online, use our online order request when ordering bulk materials. This will result in faster service for you. Once you have requested an order, we will phone you to confirm and take payment.

Alternatively, you can phone in and try to get us on the phone, or, leave a message for us there at 250.758-2401.

Our service times will be slower than our regular operations as these measures are going to create efficiency bottlenecks. We aim to get in touch with everyone by end of each business day.

Delivery: Bulk Sand, Mulch, Soil, Gravel, & Rental Tools

Material and rental tool delivery resumes Thursday, March 26th by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

During delivery on your jobsite we ask that you to clearly mark (ie put down a tarp) where you want the material dumped or unloaded. Please DO NOT approach our driver while he is on your job-site.

Customer Pick-up of Bulk Sand, Mulch, Soil, & Gravel

Bulk material pick-up resumes Thursday March 26th by prior payment and APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We ask that you stay with your vehicle at all times. Ideally, stay in your vehicle at all times while in our yard.

When you place your order, please provide your vehicle identification and color so that when you arrive as Sharecost we can radio our bobcat operator what you are looking for. If we've missed you, please stop at our front door in your vehicle and wave to us at the desk (the car horn works too!), or phone us on your cell phone.

We will NOT be "signing off" paperwork for partial loads of material and ask that you purchase only what you can safely transport.

Rental Tool Drop-off / Pick-up

Tool rentals resume Thursday March 26th by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please be prepared when you come in. We have a loading ramp for tools, but due to social distancing measures, we cannot help customers lift equipment into vehicles. For example, we will not help you load a pressure washer into the hatch-back of a car as it would require close contact between customer and staff. We can also deliver rental tools for a minimal charge.

Rental Pick-ups

For PICK-UPS you must talk to us on the phone prior, and we can then reserve what you need and have it ready for you to pick up. We will open the rental contract when you get here. We will have a designated loading/unloading area set in the yard near the yard waste drop off area. Please watch for on-site signage.

Rental Drop-offs

For DROP-OFFS you must call ahead and we can set a time for you to come in for drop off. Customers are to drop the equipment and then leave the premises ONCE YOU KNOW we've completed your paperwork. Again we want your email so we can get you a copy of the receipt.

Please Note

*** We are now disinfecting our rental equipment with a 0.5% bleach solution spray that is made each morning. This is sprayed on the handles/levers etc. for tools that are LEAVING Sharecost and those that are RETURNING. Please wear gloves to pick up your tools as the bleach solution is slightly caustic.

*** We may NOT be able to effectively disinfect some tools due to physical constraints. Examples include tie bar, Jahn bracket clamps, or scaffolding (among others).

Project Inquiries & Walk-in Retail Shopping

We are currently not permitting customers to "shop" in our store, or our yard. Until these facilities reopen, we ask that you use our website for information or call/email with inquiries.

We will still be happy to discuss details over the phone for such projects as block and paver installs, general landscaping help, and landscaper/installer referral requests.

If you need product like grass seed, weed barrier, hand tools etc. we can bring that out of the store and leave it in a designated pick-up location in our yard for you. Again, by appointment only.

Thank you, and we will continue to monitor and take directive from our government health authority. Please stay safe!

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