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Artificial Turf

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A smart investment (and beautiful too).

When you install Bella artificial grass from Sharecost, you choose to invest in the resale value of your home – and your free time! With less rainfall and our natural water tables dropping, increasing watering restrictions, rising municipal watering fees, hard winter kill, rodent and insect damage and a strict ban on pesticides and herbicides – it’s getting harder and harder to manage a well-manicured lawn year round. Maybe you have things to do in your spare time other than mowing, weeding and repairing the lawn. Or maybe you just want a spectacular looking lawn. Now really is the perfect time to install Bella artificial turf!

Check this out…

Installing artificial turf from Sharecost is an easy decision:

  • save time and lots of it – no more mowing, watering or weeding, aerating, dethatching, fertilizing or liming
  • an environmentally friendly and responsible statement that just makes sense
  • pet friendly (over 80% of our customers have pets!)
  • safe to play on – kids love it!
  • a straightforward, no nonsense 10-year warranty
  • increase your home value

You have options…

We did our homework! Bella Turf has created a turf fiber suited for every need and budget – Flat yarn, Shaped fiber, SoftBlade or WaveBlade. Our artificial grass has been carefully refined and developed specifically for our British Columbia climate by local installers working with the product from the ground up for the last 22 years – there is nothing generic about this artificial turf!

Stop by our showroom on Northfield Road to see samples and installations. Make sure to ask us about our Certified Installers and FREE On-Site Consultation.

Do you have pets? Pets love our turf, but there are some special considerations you should take into account before installing artificial turf. Come and see the Sharecost experts for more information.

How to properly install artificial grass - Bella Turf

This 15 minute video gives a great overview of the complete installation process - start to finish! A must for the installer to review before beginning installing artificial turf.

  • A wide green expanse with stunning result
  • Enhance your best garden designs with gorgeous turf
  • Slate with turf insets adds a beautiful detail
  • Simple lines accentuated by green space
  • Inspired landscape architecture made perfect with Bella turf
  • Now that is hard to top - go ahead and drive on it!

PDF Downloads

  • Turf Plan Estimating Guide

    This is where you begin - know where everything will go before you start. With the Estimating Guide, you'll be able to cost the whole job out before you start. See your Sharecost experts for help estimating quantities, or more information on coverages and materials required. We can help!

  • How to Install Bella Landscape Turf

    Here's how to do it - an easy read and detailed diagrams to show how to successfully install Bella Turf at your home.

  • How to Install a Bella Turf Golf Green

    A backyard transformation in a weekend. Whether you're going to install a custom shaped golf green, or choose a pre-cut complete package kit, here's how it's done! There's also another great video of installing a golf green available on the Bella Turf website.

  • Bella Turf Product Brochure

    Download the Bella Turf brochure for a complete listing of all of the available products, specs and accessories. A complete reference at your fingertips!

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