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Retaining Walls

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Functional space redefined!

We strive to help everyone build beautiful, and long-lasting retaining wall installs. By using the right materials, applying the correct building sequence, and using the right rental tools, we will help to ensure your wall stands the test of time. Walls over 5 feet tall, or complex designs involving other landscape features can benefit from the use of excavation equipment and skilled labour to properly complete.

Retaining walls are most often built from the necessity to safely create flat, usable space, above or below the install. Most walls, however, CAN be built to add more than just a functional landscape transition. We carry a large variety of natural stone, and retaining wall blocks so that you can make your own landscaping dreams a reality!

So if you’re of the motivated “do-it-yourself” mind-set, or require a recommendation for a trust-worthy contractor to help with your next install, please ask, as we are here to help. With gravels, blocks, rocks, drainage pipe, and rental equipment – from start-to-finish – we literally have EVERYTHING you need to complete your next retaining wall project – and yes, we deliver!

How to Install a Retaining Wall Base Course

Start at the beginning - here's a short video from Allan Block on how to install the base course.

  • Retaining wall blocks are also great for building stairs.
  • We carry natural stone for retaining walls.  This is "regular basalt wallstone."

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