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Earthmoving & Excavation

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Earthmoving & Excavation rentals from Sharecost Rentals in Nanaimo, BC

Skid-Steer Loaders

Our Bobcat™ skid-steer loaders excel in quickly moving large volumes of material. This loader is commonly used for grading a site to the elevations required such as when building a driveway, backfilling a foundation, or establishing a new lawn. A dozen people working feverishly with shovels and wheelbarrows would be unable to keep up to the rate at which the loader can dig, carry, and spread materials on your jobsite. A skid-steer rental can condense that weekend-long job you’ve planned into a couple of hours.


Excavators move ground with precision. They often work in tight areas with fine tolerances for digging, grading, carrying, and loading. Our small excavators can get into the tightest of sites, often sneaking through the backyard gate! Our machines are commonly used to dig utility/irrigation lines in for new homes, rearranging shrub beds, and re-doing perimeter foundation drainage on older homes. No other machine is quite as capable at precision work on difficult sites than a compact mini-excavator.


Powered machines tame the more aggressive hills and difficult terrains, climbing with ease through mud and rocky base. These wheelbarrows are small enough to fit through back garden gates to access more difficult to reach and far away areas. With the hydraulic dump capacity, your work is cut way down. Whether walk-behind or ride-on, we’ve got a great little assist to make hauling yards of material much easier – and less time consuming. And yes, we do have those old fashioned reliable heavy duty wheelbarrows for all those usual jobs! Come and see which one fits your job.

Skid-Steer Loaders

Back to Categories For Rent: Bobcat T650 Skid-Steer Loader Bobcat T-650 Track Loader Bobcat T-650 Track Loader

Engine: 74.3HP
Turbo: Yes
Weight: 10378 lbs
Height: 82” / 6’10”“
Width: 73” / 6’1”
Track Width: 12.5”
Operating Capacity: 3360 lbs
Roller Suspension: Yes
Fuel Capacity: 102 ltrs
Fuel Type: Diesel
Air Cond.: Yes

Bobcat T650 Skid-Steer Loader


The Bobcat T650 compact track loader offers a vertical lift path, giving you maximum forward reach at flatbed truck height for a variety of grading, digging, trenching and backfilling jobs. With the enclosed cab and air conditioning, you’ll work in extreme comfort and get improved visibility of your working area. The T650 delivers unequaled digging and pushing power, and is equipped with the Roller Suspension system that increases operator comfort without sacrificing durability.

Rental of the T650 track loader includes a 74” wide clean-up (flat edge) bucket, and a 74” wide digging (toothed) bucket.


With its 74.3HP turbocharged engine, the T650 is suited for a lot of projects. This machine excels at moving material, whether you are pushing piles or loading pallets with the (optional) 42” forks. And because it has tracks instead of wheels, the T650 allows you to extend your season by working more productively in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions.


Please see below for our skid-steer loader attachments.


  • rental is for a 24 hour period, rates based on engine time useage
  • minimum fee is 2 hours engine time per rental and additional engine time is billed at $15/hr
  • fuel (diesel) is billed per litre upon return
  • delivery/pick-up is an additional charge
  • please contact us with any questions
Rental Rates
  • 2 HR: $280.00
  • 4 HR: $310.00
  • 6 HR: $340.00
  • 8 HR: $370.00
  • 7 DAY: $1850.00 (includes up to 40 hrs engine time)
  • Please ask about longer-term rental rates.

Skid-Steer Attachments

Back to Categories For Rent: Skid-Steer Auger Power Head
  • Heavy-duty hydraulically driven bit.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Bit is reversible with variable flow hydraulics = never gets stuck!
  • Drill holes from the comfort of your seat in the bobcat.

Skid-Steer Auger Power Head


When you’ve got a bunch of posts to put in, this is the unit to do it.
In good ground, this auger will put a hole in the ground within a matter of seconds.

If you’ve got rocky conditions this unit still may do it for you. The next step after this auger
is a jack-hammer- no joking!

The auger bits are a separate charge from the auger power head.

Rental Rates
  • 24 HR: $75.00
  • 7 DAY: $300.00
  • Bit charges are separate from hydraulic power head and a variety of bit sizes are available.
Auger Bit, 9” diameter, for Bobcat
  • 24 HR: $40.00
  • 7 DAY: $160.00
Auger Bit, 12” diameter, for Bobcat
  • 24 HR: $50.00
  • 7 DAY: $200.00
Auger Bit, 24” diameter, for Bobat
  • 24 HR: $80.00
  • 7 DAY: $320.00
Back to Categories For Rent: Skid-Steer Pallet Forks

42” in length.

Skid-Steer Pallet Forks


Designed for the Bobcat skid-steer loaders. Forks are 42” in length.

Move and carry pallets of block with ease on your next jobsite.

Rental Rates
  • 24 HR: $25.00
  • 7 DAY: $100.00
  • 28 DAY: $225.00
Back to Categories For Rent: Skid-Steer Sweeper

60” wide path.

Skid-Steer Sweeper


Designed for the Bobcat skid-steer loaders. Easy to operate hydraulic street sweeper. Clears a 60” wide path.

Rental Rates
  • 24 HR: $75.00
  • 7 DAY: $300.00
  • 28 DAY: $700.00


Back to Categories For Rent: Excavator, Kubota *4.5 tonne* KX-040 Great reach - 7' Great Depth capacity - 11'

Weight: 9,500 lbs
Height: 98” (8’2”)
Width: 67” (5’7”)
Fuel Capacity: 64 L, Diesel only
Horsepower: 40.4
Attachments: 18” and 24” Digging and 36” Clean UP Bucket
Operating Lift Capacity: 2,720 lb
Ground Breakout Force: 9,535 lb force
Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 7’2”
Maximum Dig Depth: 11’3”
Maximum Dump Height: 12’9”

This machine has rubber tracks – not for operating on shot or blasted rock.

Excavator, Kubota *4.5 tonne* KX-040


The Kubota KX040-4 combines superior strength, versatility and performance to deliver one of the most balanced excavators on the market. Incorporating industry leading technology, the Kubota KX040-4 produces less noise, reduced emissions and is equipped with eco-mode, which can generate fuel savings by up to 20%. This is a great 4.5 tonne mid range machine!

Fuel Efficient and Quiet…

The Common Rail System (CRS) electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount in stages rather than all at once for optimal combustion. The results are great efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Its combination with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler reduces harmful emissions to make the KX040-4 Tier IV-compliant.

Work in comfort…

The KX040-4 raises the standard in 4-ton excavator comfort with a spacious cab that rivals larger excavators. The luxurious cab features a wider entrance, greater legroom and a deluxe seat. Operation is greatly enhanced with more easy-to-use features than ever before.

Rental Rates
  • 2 HR: $300.00
  • 4 HR: $330.00
  • 6 HR: $360.00
  • 8 HR: $390.00
  • 7 DAY: $2000.00 (includes up to 40 hours engine time)
  • Please ask about our longer- term rental rates
Back to Categories For Rent: Excavator, Kubota *1.5 Tonne* KX-041 Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator

Engine: 21.6HP Kubota
Weight: 3679 lbs
Height: 91” / 7’7”
Width: 40”-52” / 3’4”-4’4”
Max Speed: 2.5 mph
Fuel Capacity:
22 ltrs (approx. 5hrs)
Maximum Lift:
231 lbs (blade down)
Digging Depth:
92” / 7’8”
Maximum Reach:
153” / 12’9”
Boomswing Left:
50 degrees
Boomswing Right:
80 degrees
Tracks: 9.5” rubber
Reach: 11’6”

Excavator, Kubota *1.5 Tonne* KX-041


The Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator is best suited on jobs where working space is limited. With it’s commendable boomswing and narrow frame, the KX41 gets places other excavators simply can’t. The rubber tracks also leave a minimal footprint, allowing the KX41 to operate on sensitive surfaces without destroying them. The open-cab KX41 is equipped with both Cat and John Deere control patterns.


The KX41 is great for small excavation projects, especially when dealing with space restrictions. It’s rubber tracks and low-pressure footprint makes the KX41 ideal for your trench digging projects, such as perimeter drainage or irrigation lines, even on turf. The KX41 also works well when landscaping, thanks to its small frame, handy thumb, and retractable tracks that slim it down to just under 40” wide.


Rental of the Kubota KX41 includes 12” and 16” wide digging buckets and a 24” wide clean-up bucket.


*rental is for a 24 hour period with minimum charge of 2 hours on the engine clock
*additional engine time is billed at $12 per hour
*fuel (diesel) is billed per litre upon return
*delivery and pick-up is not included in rental price. For delivery rates and details, visit our delivery section, or contact us.

Rental Rates
  • 2 HR: $200.00
  • 4 HR: $224.00
  • 6 HR: $248.00
  • 8 HR: $272.00
  • 7 DAY: $1360.00 (includes up to 40 hours engine time)
  • Please ask about our longer-term rental rates.

Soil Screeners

Back to Categories For Rent: Soil Screener Screens dirt quickly!

Uses: for sand, soil, and rock (up to 8” diameter).
Weight: 1600 lbs.
Feed: with loader buckets up to 78” wide.

Soil Screener


Stop paying to haul it away! Turn that pile of excavated material into useful soils for your next landscaping project. This portable screener is designed to be run in conjunction with a small tractor or skid-steer loader. Our T-650 Bobcat is the perfect loader because it can pick up and move the screener around on the jobsite with special lifting lugs designed to securely “connect” with the bucket of the loader.


  • Three screen sizes available – heavy duty 2”×2” for rock/gravel, 3/4”×4 for rough screening of soil, and 3/8”×4” for generating fine soil.
  • Easily adjustable screen deck angle to maximize production depending on how screening material is reacting on site.
  • Vibrating screen deck.
  • With a 1/2 yard bucket loader you truly can create up to 25 yards (volume of a truck and pup) per hour of fine screened topsoil. We’ve verified this with our own trial runs.
  • Cheap to run: runs off electric 110V power outlet or small generator!
  • Do the math: turn that mixed waste material on your jobsite into planting-grade topsoil quickly!
  • Take an 8 hour work day with a Bobcat loader and you will be able to create 100 yards of material – or enough to cover 3,250 ft square at 4” deep – a nice new lawn indeed!
  • We’ve also found the rock and rubble “waste-overs” from the screening process can be used as a good solid fill material.

Please note: Dry or slightly damp soils are best, and easiest to screen. Wet, clay-type or muddy soils tend to clog up the screens and do not screen well. Dry periods from late Spring to early Fall is the best time to use this screener in most cases.

Note: This simple machine can save you a LOT of money in trucking soil mixed with rock offsite and buying, and then trucking suitable replacement soil back. Please discuss your options with us today!

Rental Rates
  • 8 HR: $225.00
  • 24 HR: $285.00
  • 7 DAY: $1,200.00
  • 28 DAY: $2,900.00


Back to Categories For Rent: Wheelbarrow

We stock a range of cements in our concrete supplies department.



Contractor-quality, steel-stay construction, 6 cubic-foot capacity wheelbarrow. In orange.

Rental Rates
  • 4 HR: $12.00
  • 8 HR: $14.00
  • 24 HR: $16.00
  • 7 DAY: $64.00
  • 28 DAY: $120.00
Back to Categories For Rent: Wheelbarrow, Walk-Behind Gas Powered Fast, easy to dump, and sure-footed

Weight: 341 lb
Length: 64”
Width: 28”
Height: 37”
Payload: 320 LB.

Low, medium, hi, and Reverse Gear.

Wheelbarrow, Walk-Behind Gas Powered


This nifty little gas-powered wheelbarrow is a must for those hard to access, up-hill landscaping projects. With it’s 4-wheel drive grip wheels this unit will traverse slopes and muddy conditions well. The dump box holds approximately 1/4yd. of material heaped.

Has forward and reverse gears.

Note: This is THE tool to use if you are wheelin’ up a hill.

Rental Rates
  • 4 HR: $75.00
  • 8 HR: $95.00
  • 24 HR: $120.00
  • 7 DAY: $480.00
  • 28 DAY: $960.00
Back to Categories For Rent: Wheelbarrow, Ride-ON-Track Side view

Engine: 3 HP KUBOTA
Fuel: Diesel
Weight: 998 LB.
Length: 95” (7’11”)
Width: 35”
Height: 52”
Payload: 1550 LB.

Wheelbarrow, Ride-ON-Track


This is a great machine to reduce your physical labour on any job site. The Kubota KC70 is a diesel powered electric start ride-on wheelbarrow with a big 1/2 yard capacity – 1550 lbs! It’s capable of fitting into confined or narrow spaces. The track and roller drive powers through mud and climbs steep inclines and difficult ground with ease. Cover more ground quickly with three forward gears. You’ll appreciate the value of the hydraulic dump, which makes the destination delivery easy – and fast!

Note: Three forward gears for different speeds of travel!

Rental Rates
  • 8 HR: $100.00
  • 24 HR: $125.00
  • 7 DAY: $500.00
  • 28 DAY: $1500.00


Back to Categories For Rent: Trailer, 2,000 lb. capacity 12’ Utility

Performance: Single axle, 3500 lb. GVW. = approximately 2000 payload capacity
Length: 12’0” long
Width: 5’0” or 6’0” width
Sides: Solid, 2’0” high
Entry/Exit: 4’0” attached reinforced steel ramps
Accessories: includes 2, 2” load straps, trailer jack

A 2” ball is required for towing. Electrical harness available

Trailer, 2,000 lb. capacity 12’ Utility


Have you ever wanted to move your garden waste in something bigger than your car trunk? Tired of borrowing an old junker to move heavy loads? Look at the specs and you’ll agree that these movers will do the job with ease. These trailers are 12’ long with 2’ high solid sides and 4’ easy entry/exit rear-mounted ramps. Choose either a 5’ wide or 6’ wide trailers to haul those heavy loads legally and efficiently. Perfect for your bulk landscape needs, or moving heavy equipment!

Rental Rates
  • 8 HR: $36.00
  • 24 HR: $60.00
  • 14 DAY: $240.00
  • 28 DAY: $600.00
  • Rent this trailer for HALF PRICE when you rent a Trencher or ANY other piece of equipment from us!

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Phone us Call (250) 758-2401 to reserve a rental or ask any questions.

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Demand can be high for specific rentals during certain times of the year – we suggest calling in advance to make sure we have what you need, when you need it.

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