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Poured-Concrete Wall (Rental)

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Poured-Concrete Wall (Rental)

Built to suit.

Our proven rental concrete forming system that enables you to build your own solid poured-in-place concrete retaining walls quickly… you could also build the foundation walls of your next house with this system!

Requirements to build:

Concrete footing with rebar connecting footing to the to-be-poured concrete retaining wall.

Please see Concrete Forms under our rentals section for further details.

Features & Benefits – Poured-Concrete Wall (Rental)

  • Variety of finishes available: natural concrete, exposed aggregate, or faced with stone/tile.
  • Good height: build walls to 12 feet tall confidently.
  • Adaptable thickness: build from 4" thick to 24" thick. 6" or 8" thick is most common.
  • Excels in straight walls with 90 degree corners.
  • Use a poured wall as the solid "bones" to then mortar natural stone to face the wall.

Pricing for this item is based on a "per job basis" of a 2 week rental at a cost of $1.85 per square foot for non-oiled forms, and $2.10 for fully oiled forms. See in store for details

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