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GrowMix Soil

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Product Details: GrowMix Soil

GrowMix Soil

Offering a blend of organics, compost, and coarse sandy loam this is an excellent choice to build-up landscaping beds in preparation for shrubs, trees, hedge-row, and general planting.

  • Contains 65% organic content with excellent soil texture and consistency.
  • A robust soil that contains a greater silt content than our organic garden soil.
  • Contains high fertility with good nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium values. Requires NO ADDITIONAL fertilizer in the first year: wait for a sign of plant need in year two before adding any!
  • This soil performs best by watering-in heavily TWICE to remove additional salts from the compost before seeding or planting out.
  • This is our best, all-round, fertile soil choice for most landscape and planting applications. Wil perform well across the entire landscape.
  • This soil is also our best option when dealing with wet areas where drainage is of concern. For really wet areas, placing a few inch layer of bedding sand down first or digging-in a French drain may still be required.
  • We test our soils! Yes, this soil closely meets the 2P planting medium requirements as outlined in the B.C. Landscape Society Spec.
  • 1 Yard: $58.00
  • 2/3 Yard: $46.00
  • 1/2 Yard: $37.00
  • 1/3 Yard: $27.00
  • 1/4 Yard: $23.00
  • 5 Gallon Pail: $3.00
  • Large Volume Pricing
    – $41.00 per yard
    – minimum order: 10 yards
    – applicable on deliveries only
    complete details

Delivery Rates for GrowMix Soil

Single-axle dump truck (Dodge or Hino)
• Dodge: max. 3 yards sand/gravel OR 4 yards of dry soil OR 6 yards of mulch*
• Hino: max. 5 yards sand/gravel OR 5 yards of dry soil OR 6 yards of mulch*
$75 $110
Fee for “split loads”
• bring two different bulk items in one delivery (restrictions apply)
+ $10 + $10
Back-to-back delivery
• reduced rate for every 2nd trip (single-axle trucks only)
$50 n/a
Dual-axle dump truck (Kenworth)
• sand/gravel capacity ~10-11 yards (~14 tonnes)
• soil/mulch* capacity ~15 yards
$115 $115/hour
Dual-axle dump truck & trailer (Kenworth & Pup)
• sand/gravel capacity ~22-24 yards (~28 tonnes)
• soil/mulch* capacity ~30 yards
$145 $145/hour
Delivery restrictions are typically limited by weight, not volume.
* Mulches are fir bark, dark bark, cedar chip, and fish compost.
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