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Rebar Cutting & Bending

Free Rebar Cutting & Bending

A pile of rebar, some straight lengths, some bent 90 degrees.

We can cut and bend any of the rebar you purchase from us for no additional charge.

This service is especially valuable if you need a large volume of bends and cuts - such as when building foundation walls for a new home. Since you need to purchase the rebar anyway, it’s win-win.

DIY Rebar Fabrication

We also offer the hydraulic cutter and bender on a do-it-yourself basis for $50.00 per hour. Please note: there is a minimum one-hour charge.

Rebar for sale.

We sell a variety of diameters of rebar - including 10mm, 12mm, 1/2", and 15mm. Lengths are approximately 20 feet. Phone us at (250) 758-2401 for further details and pricing information.

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