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Irrigation & Drainage Supplies

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Underground Irrigation & Drainage Supplies

We have 100% confidence in Toro and Rainbird irrigation products, and that’s what we offer. These two products are recognized by industry professionals as the best-quality underground sprinklers available today.

Irrigation Supplies

We rarely see Rainbird or Toro products come back through our doors broken. We can’t say the same for the countless customers we see each summer bringing in the broken pieces of “one of those other brands”. You need something better.

When you add a Toro or Rainbird irrigation system to your landscape, you are adding true value to your home.

Micro-Irrigation / Drip Irrigation

We stock a large supply of micro irrigation supplies at our Nanaimo warehouse. We have everything you need to repair your existing micro system, or build a new one from scratch.

Stocked Irrigation Parts

  • Rotors
  • Pop-Ups
  • Valves
  • Valve Boxes
  • Backflow Valves
  • Controllers
  • Irrigation Wire
  • PVC Piping
  • PVC Fittings
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Rotary Nozzles
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Micro Tubing
  • Micro Fittings
  • Micro Nozzles
  • Installation Tools
  • … and more!

Drainage Supplies

In order to protect the foundation of your house from the damaging effects of water (cracked walls, damp crawl spaces, flooded basements), proper drainage is absolutely critical.

Stocked Drainage Products

  • Solid 4” flexible Big-O pipe
  • Perforated 4” flexible Big-O pipe
  • Big-O fittings
  • 4” Solid PVC (CSA and non-CSA)
  • 4” Perforated PVC (CSA and non-CSA)
  • 3” Solid PVC (CSA only)
  • 4” and 3” PVC fittings
  • PVC glue and primer
  • Filter fabric
  • Landscape fabric
  • Drain rock
  • Pop-up rotor-type sprinklers watering a large grassy area
  • Shrub sprinklers watering a large public flower bed
  • Large stack of 4" PVC drainage pipe
  • Big-O is a flexible pipe used for drainage projects
  • Pop-up sprinkler watering a lawn in the early morning

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Visit our showroom

Visit our showroom

We are proud to offer our customers a large showroom of our landscaping and hardscaping products. Visit us at 1716 Northfield Road and let our staff walk you through your options, or call 250-758-2401 for details.

Install it yourself

Install it yourself

In a DIY mood? The knowledgable staff at Sharecost Rentals & Sales can guide you through the entire installation process. We have everything you need for a successful, long-lasting landscape. Contact us – we’re here to help.

Find an installer

Find an installer

Prefer to leave it to the pros? We would be happy to recommend a landscape contractor that suits the needs of your project. Get in touch with your project details and we will help you find the right installer.

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