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Concrete Supplies

Your One-Stop Concrete Shop

Foundation wall being formed.

We have everything you need for forming, mixing, colouring, surfacing, and pouring concrete. Our large variety of concrete products cover most applications, including:

Bagged Cements

Type-10/Type-S Cement

Type 10 and Type-S cements are designed for mixing large batches of concrete, generally using a powered cement mixer (rather than by hand).

Both Type-10 and Type-S cements need to have sand and/or gravel added to the mix.

  • In stock  Type-10 Portland – 88 lb bag
  • In stock  Type-S Mortar/Stucco – 66 lb bag

Pre-Mixed/Ready Mix Cement

“Pre-mix”, “ready-mix”, “Quikrete®” – whatever you call it – these are the cements that require no gravel mixing – just add water! In general, a 55-pound bag yields just under one-half of a cubic foot.

For larger jobs, we recommend using the above Portland Type-10 Cement mixed with Navvy Jack, as it’s much more cost-effective. For example, it takes around 65 pre-mixed bags to total a yard of concrete, compared to only one yard of gravel and five bags of Portland Cement.

  • In stock  Concrete Mix – 55 lb bag
  • In stock  Mason Mix (Type-S Mortar) – 55 lb bag
  • In stock  Post-Haste Mix (Fast-Set) – 55 lb bag
  • In stock  Sacking Mix – 55 lb bag
  • In stock  Portland Expanding Grout – 55 lb bag
  • In stock  Bonded Topping Mix – 40 lb bag
  • In stock  Sand/Topping Mix – 55 lb bag

Concrete Supplies

A pile of precisely-bent rebar.

We offer FREE cutting and bending on all rebar bought from us.

  • In stock  Retaining Wall Adhesive
  • In stock  Gator Edge Paver Restraint
  • In stock  Polymeric stone dust
  • In stock  Polymeric sand
  • In stock  Bonding agent
  • In stock  Concrete/paver sealer
  • In stock  Crack filler
  • In stock  Retardant for exposed aggregate
  • In stock  Rebar (various diameters available)
  • In stock  Quick-Strip ties
  • In stock  Tie wire
  • In stock  Insulated tarps
  • In stock  Finishing tools
  • In stock  ... and more!

Featured Products

New Product: Titebond Landscape Retaining Wall Adhesive

Retaining Wall Adhesive

We’re now carrying the Titebond®-brand Landscape Retaining Wall Adhesive in both 311 ml (10.5 oz) and 858 ml (29 oz) tubes.

Titebond® Landscape Retaining Wall Adhesive is a professional strength adhesive for use on retaining and landscape decorative wall systems. It is specifically formulated for use with concrete, wood, brick, masonry, pavers and most other common landscaping materials.

Weather not perfect? Titebond® works well on dry, damp, and cold surfaces to provide a long lasting bond. It is strong enough to resist water and frost. Pick some up today and see why Titebond® is “The Pro’s Advantage”!

New Product: Surefoot Paver Edging

SUREFOOT Paver Edging

Designed BY Installers FOR Installers! The new commercial-grade SUREFOOT Paver Edging system has arrived at Sharecost.

This unique product features a cut-on-the-go system that incorporates STRAIGHT and FLEXIBLE paver edging in a single piece. Reduce costly labour time and go with the fastest install of any edge system available.

Pieces are 8-foot length x 1-5/8" height, include integrated connectors, and are made from 100% recycled material.

New Product: Super Sand

Super Sand

We’re proud to be the premier Vancouver Island supplier for Alliance Designer Products Inc.’s polymeric sand for paver joints, Super Sand Bond.

The Super Sand is designed for paver joints up to 1" wide, and is available in two colours: Slate Grey or Beige. The bags weigh 50 pounds and cover 65–85 square feet.

New Product: Gator Dust

Gator Dust

Along with the Super Sand Bond above, we’re also stocking Alliance’s polymeric stone dust for natural stone, Gator Dust Bond.

The Gator Dust is made specifically for natural stone joints 1/2"–4" wide, and is available in two colours: Stone Grey or Sahara Beige. Bags weigh 50 pounds and cover 20–30 square feet.

Top-Quality Brands

Lehigh Concrete Products


Target Products

Surefoot Paver Edging

Alliance Designer Products

Alliance Designer Products

Titebond - The Pro’s Advantage

More than cement & supplies.

On top of our wide range of concrete supplies, we also offer form rentals, cement mixer rentals, concrete saw rentals, and bulk gravels.

We also offer material and supply delivery, a concrete block-cutting service, a form design service, and more.

You could say that Sharecost is your one-stop concrete supply store.

Get started.

Phone us at (250) 758-2401 or visit our store at 1716 Northfield Road in Nanaimo, BC and get started on your concrete project today - we have everything you need to get the job done right.

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