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More than just a walkway...

What do you have to do? What do you want to do? What’s on your design board? Capture old-world charm or present-day contemporary design? Blend in to what you already have, or create something completely new? It’s all possible with our new and expanded selection of pavers and rental equipment.

There are so many options and inputs to consider when you’re choosing a paver – size, shape, thickness, texture, colour, quality, context, function and cost. We hope we’ve captured what you’re looking for in our inventory and special ordering process. We want to help you create a lasting outdoor theme with the personality you want. Check out what we’ve been doing at Sharecost!

Look at what we’ve done!

  • We’ve added a huge new outdoor physical space to our Sharecost yard on Northfield Road – behind our store – a whole lot more space for inventory on hand for you to see and use!
  • We’ve added new and easy vehicle access from Northfield Road to both the new Rear Yard and the front of the Store – you’ll get in and out quicker than ever before!
  • We’ve brought in a whole new inventory – with new and more varieties of paving stones with all new textures and colour palettes – from three top quality manufacturers. Seriously better selection!
  • What if we don’t have it on the ground? We’ve streamlined our special ordering process to optimize logistics of getting you the products you want as quick as we can. We’ll keep you informed of our progress so you’re not left hanging – our trained and ready staff will stay with you through this process. Keep your project timelines tight!

Come and check out all our new manufacturer’s samples and board displays – along with the new inventory, the bigger selection – we think you’ll be pleased with what we’ve got to offer.

More than ever before we understand that You’ve got projects – We’ve got solutions!

Some products are not stocked at our yard and require lead time to arrive. Check with our staff to make sure we coordinate your choice of products with your construction schedule.

How to Install Belgard Pavers: Step 6 - Screening & Bedding Sand for Pavers

There are a number of important steps to laying a proper paving stone. Here's a look at just one segment - setting up a level surface before placing pavers.

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Visit our showroom

Visit our showroom

We are proud to offer our customers a large showroom of our landscaping and hardscaping products. Visit us at 1716 Northfield Road and let our staff walk you through your options, or call 250-758-2401 for details.

Install it yourself

Install it yourself

In a DIY mood? The knowledgable staff at Sharecost Rentals & Sales can guide you through the entire installation process. We have everything you need for a successful, long-lasting landscape. Contact us – we’re here to help.

Find an installer

Find an installer

Prefer to leave it to the pros? We would be happy to recommend a landscape contractor that suits the needs of your project. Get in touch with your project details and we will help you find the right installer.

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