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Excavator, *1.5 Tonne* Mini

For Rent: Excavator, *1.5 Tonne* Mini Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator Kubota KX41 Mini Excavator

Weight: 3679 lbs (CAT) / 3814 lbs (U17)
Height: 91” / 7’7”
Length: 141.5” / 13’9.5”
Operating Width: 49” / 4’1”
Minimum Width: 39.4” / 3’3.4”
Travel Speed: 1.3 mph / 2.1 kph
Fuel Capacity:
26 ltrs (CAT) / 19 ltrs (U17)
Maximum Lift:
Depends on configuration – see manual for details
Digging Depth:
91” / 7’7”
Maximum Reach:
138” / 11’6”
Boomswing Left:
65 degrees
Boomswing Right:
58 degrees
Tracks: 9.5” rubber

#5580 Excavator, *1.5 Tonne* Mini

Our 1.5 Tonne Mini Excavators – a CAT 301.7D and a KUBOTA U17 – are best suited on jobs where working space is limited. With their commendable boomswing, narrow frames, and zero tail swing, our 1.5 Tonne machines get into places other excavators simply can’t. The rubber tracks also leave a minimal footprint, allowing these units to operate on sensitive surfaces without destroying them. The open-cabs are equipped with both Cat and John Deere control patterns.


These units are great for small excavation projects, especially when dealing with space restrictions. The rubber tracks and low-pressure footprint make our minis ideal for your trench digging projects, such as perimeter drainage or irrigation lines, even on turf. These units also work well when landscaping, thanks to a small frame, handy thumb, and retractable tracks that slim them down to just under 40” wide.


Rental of the Mini Excavators includes 12” and 16” wide digging buckets and a 24” (U17) or 30” (CAT) wide clean-up bucket.


*rental is for a 24 hour period with minimum charge of 2 hours on the engine clock
*additional engine time is billed at $12 per hour
*fuel (diesel) is billed per litre upon return
*delivery and pick-up is not included in rental price. For delivery rates and details, visit our delivery section, or contact us.

Rental Rates*
  • 2 HR: $200.00
  • 4 HR: $224.00
  • 6 HR: $248.00
  • 8 HR: $272.00
  • 7 DAY: $1360.00 (includes up to 40 hours engine time)
  • Please ask about our longer-term rental rates.

* A fuel surcharge will be applied to any gas or diesel-powered rentals that are not returned full of the appropriate fuel or fuel/oil mix. Please call 250-758-2401 for the current fuel surcharge rate.

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