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Jahn “A” Brackets

For Rent: Jahn “A” Brackets

Rented in coils of 25 ONLY

#2113 Jahn “A” Brackets

The Jahn “A” Brackets, also known as Burke or Single Waler Brackets, can be utilized to hold a single horizontal wale or a single vertical stud with any type of wall form; round, curved, battered, beam and/or columns.

This bracket can be installed before or after the wales have been positioned. The slots in the bracket allow it to slip over the snap tie end without laborious threading through holes. When properly installed, the A-81 bracket will not loosen from internal vibration of the concrete. Pressure from the bracket is against the 2 × 4 instead of the plywood.

Used with 4-3/4” (short-end) snap ties, is easy to install and strip, requires no nailing and is very fast.

Note: Sharecost’s rental forming system does NOT use Jahn Brackets – it uses tie bar and Quick Strip ties.

Rental Rates*
  • 24 HR: $0.76
  • 7 DAY: $0.76
  • 28 DAY: $1.10
  • Rates are PER bracket. Brackets returned in tied-off "necklaces" of EXACTLY 25 pieces per loop will receive a 50% DISCOUNT to the above rental rates.

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