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Slab-Grabber & Slab-Handler (set)

For Rent: Slab-Grabber & Slab-Handler (set) Slab handler

Don’t waste your energy moving slabs around the jobsite – these tools greatly reduce fatigue.

Slab-Grabber & Slab-Handler (set)

This rental includes two slab/block lifting tools:


Designed to accommodate both paver slabs and retaining wall blocks, this tool is great at allowing tight placement at the laying edge without pinching your fingers! Has a 130 pound capacity and an opening adjusts to accept slabs 14-1/2” to 24”.


The big-brother to the Slab Grabber, the Slab Handler is a two-person tool designed to make moving large slabs effortless. Weight capacity of 220 pounds, and will accept slabs from 20” through 39” in size. Great for moving large slabs over long distances, such as from the driveway to a restricted-access backyard.

Rental Rates*
  • 24 HR: $25.00
  • 7 DAY: $100.00
  • 28 DAY: $200.00

* A fuel surcharge will be applied to any gas or diesel-powered rentals that are not returned full of the appropriate fuel or fuel/oil mix. Please call 250-758-2401 for the current fuel surcharge rate.

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