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Trencher, Barr E924BM (24” Wheeled Unit)

For Rent: Trencher, Barr E924BM (24” Wheeled Unit)

Height: 43″ (1.09 m)
Front Wheel to Handlebar: 71″ (1.80 m)
Boom End to Handlebar: 81″ (2.06 m)
Wheel Width: 28″ (0.71 m)
Handlebar Width: 29″ (0.74 m)
Wheel Base: 30″ (0.76 m)
Weight: 620 lbs (281 kg)
Hydraulic Reservoir: 9.5 gallons (36 litres)
Ground Drive Forward: 132 ft/min (40 m/min)
Ground Drive Reverse: 58 ft/min (17.7 m/min)
Digging Chain Speed: 227 ft/min (69 m/min)
Boom Depth: 24″ (0.61 m)
Chain Width: 4″ (0.10 m)

#22714 Trencher, Barr E924BM (24” Wheeled Unit)

This machine is designed for digging trenches in “normal” ground of reasonably soft dirt and stones up to 6” (15cm) in diameter. Ground with larger stones, high clay content, very hard packed, very dry, or in a frozen condition may be unsuitable for normal trenching. Consider using a backhoe or other heavier equipment for such conditions.

Rental Rates*
  • 8 HR: $160.00
  • 24 HR: $205.00
  • 7 DAY: $800.00
  • 14 DAY: $2100.00

* A fuel surcharge will be applied to any gas or diesel-powered rentals that are not returned full of the appropriate fuel or fuel/oil mix. Please call 250-758-2401 for the current fuel surcharge rate.

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