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Wheelbarrow, Walk-Behind Gas Powered

For Rent: Wheelbarrow, Walk-Behind Gas Powered Fast, easy to dump, and sure-footed

Weight: 341 lb
Length: 64”
Width: 28”
Height: 37”
Payload: 320 LB.

Low, medium, hi, and Reverse Gear.

#5573 Wheelbarrow, Walk-Behind Gas Powered

This nifty little gas-powered wheelbarrow is a must for those hard to access, up-hill landscaping projects. With it’s 4-wheel drive grip wheels this unit will traverse slopes and muddy conditions well. The dump box holds approximately 1/4yd. of material heaped.

Has forward and reverse gears.

Note: This is THE tool to use if you are wheelin’ up a hill.

Rental Rates*
  • 4 HR: $75.00
  • 8 HR: $95.00
  • 24 HR: $120.00
  • 7 DAY: $480.00
  • 28 DAY: $960.00

* A fuel surcharge will be applied to any gas or diesel-powered rentals that are not returned full of the appropriate fuel or fuel/oil mix. Please call 250-758-2401 for the current fuel surcharge rate.

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