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Sandblast Abrasives

The Right Material for the Job

A man wearing coveralls sandblasts a steel frame.

Sandblasting abrasives are commonly used in two rather different applications, each requiring a specific type of abrasive to best complete the task.

Most commonly, sandblasting abrasives are used for rejuvenating metal hardware (such as wheel rims, frames, and boat trailers) by removing old paint and rust in preparation for re-chroming and/or re-painting. This application typically calls for aggressive abrasives.

Secondly, sandblasting can be used to transform every-day things like glass and wood into works of art (such as frosted glass murals intricate wood carvings). This application requires a much more fine product.

Sandblast Abrasives

We stock a variety of sandblasting media for a variety of projects. Most bags are approximately 50 pounds; please call us for pricing.

Here’s what we usually have in stock:

  • Enviro-Grit (12/50, 20/50, 30/60 Grit, & 50/100)
  • Silica Sand (20/40 & 50 Grit)
  • Green Diamond Nickel Slag (16/36 Grit)

Other products are available as a special order, such as:

  • Glass Bead (#6 & #13)
  • Walnut Shells (Medium Grit)

About Enviro-Grit

Our Enviro-Grit sandblasting abrasives are a reusable recycled glass product that is 100% free of crystalline silica.

Excellent for use on steel, aluminium, concrete, and wood, we stock multiple grades to make sure we have the best product for your project.

Put simply, Enviro-Grit abrasives are setting the industry standard for worker safety, environmental protection, and superior cutting power. Because Enviro-Grit is made from recycled glass (and contains no ingredients which are harmful to the environment), the abrasives are inert, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-fibrogenic.

About Silica Sand

Silica is an off-white, mildly aggressive sandblast medium. Commonly used for sandblasting wooden signs, the silica sand particles tend to break down, rather than embed themselves in the wood.

Safety note  Safety Note: While silica is generally inert, one must take care when using silica sand as a sandblasting medium. The user must wear respiratory protection and avoid breathing the fine silica dust.

About Green Diamond Nickel Slag

Green Diamond Nickel Slag is a high-efficiency blasting grit, prepared by selective screening of nickel slag. This material is suitable for most blast-cleaning operations. Due to the hardness of the material, the Green Diamond Nickel Slag cuts much more aggressively compared to the conventional Silica Sand above.

The shapes of the individual particles in the Green Diamond product make it ideal for the efficient removal of mill scale, rust, or other existing coatings from steel and other metals in preparation for fabrication or painting.

About Glass Beads

Glass Beads are an extremely fine, powdery sandblast medium. White in colour - and with a consistency similar to household flour - glass beads are used for sandblasting jobs that require a fine touch, such as etching glass.

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Enviro-Grit Abrasives

You can learn more about our sandblasting materials by visiting the manufacturer’s websites (click the logos above).

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